Why Join RAC Canada

Why join Canada's leading retail advertising forum?

Joining the Retail Advertising Club (RAC) Canada puts you and your team at the forefront of ideas and innovation. As a member, receive advance notice to all RAC Canada events, and:

Listen to great speakers and participate in round-table discussions and Q&As: RAC Canada brings the best retail and advertising minds to you. Learn what's worked, what hasn't and why. Get ideas you can use in your business today.

Share and discover: Share new ideas, creativity and innovation with colleagues, industry leaders and students. Have a problem? Talking with others who have "been there" may give you the insight you need.

Promote retail advertising as a career: Motivate those new to the industry and welcome students deciding on which career to embark. You have a role in building the industry's future. RAC Canada is also a proud supporter of NABS - the National Advertising Benevolent Association.

Building relationships: Take hold of your career and meet others who share similar passions and projects.

How can I join? Click here to access the Membership Application page or call: 416-495-6826

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